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About the Association for Decentralised Energy

We are the leading trade association for decentralised energy, representing more than 130 interested parties from across the industrial, commercial and public sectors. 

Vision Statement

The ADE is bringing energy together to advocate on the priorities for the UK in achieving net zero.

We are driving the decarbonisation of heat, championing the role of industry in the green transition and pushing for UK homes, places of work and public services to be energy efficient and smart.

Only by getting users engaged and investing in energy efficiency, low carbon heat and providing smart flexibility will the UK truly be able to decarbonise its energy system. For this to happen, energy must work for the user.

At the ADE, we believe that an energy system designed around the user’s needs, enabling the right technology choice in the right place, serves everyone better.

Why decentralised energy  

Decentralised energy is energy based at or near the energy user and it has an integral role to play in the delivery of a flexible, smart energy future. Decentralised energy solutions:

  • are low carbon and efficient 
  • offer users more choice in how they meet their energy needs and control over their energy costs 
  • reduce network investment costs as long term demand decreases and/or users offer demand flexibility 

We do not advocate for one decentralised energy technology over another, believing customer needs should drive the solution. We work to create a strong, dynamic and sustainable environment for a range of technologies including combined heat and powerdemand side energy servicesenergy efficiency and heat networks

We act as an advocate for our members

We engage with government and key decision makers to advocate for decentralised energy. We provide a conduit between the sector and government, providing members with insight into policy developments and government with insight based on our members’ experience.

An infographic explaining who the ADE is

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